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Added : 14th July 2011
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Home > Tattoo Kits > Tips on Finding the Perfect Tattoo Kits

Description About Tips on Finding the Perfect Tattoo Kits

Tattoo Kits

While many professional tattoo artists shun them, the tattoo kit is a very popular tool for amateur artists keen on giving at home or home made tattoos to themselves and their friends. Far from the old school technique of using a safety pin and India ink, the tattoo kit gives a person quality equipment at an affordable price, allowing them to give tattoos to themselves or friends in the comfort of their own home.

The cost varies depending on the tattoo equipment company and the type of kit involved, but generally speaking, one of these kits runs from $125-250, with mini tattoo kits at the low scale and a more professional product at the high end. A mini kit usually comes not just the tattoo machine, needles, cleaning supplies, inks, ink capsules, and other necessary tattooing equipment, but also fake skin for practicing with! One important aspect to mention in relation to tattoo kits and at home tattooing work is that of safety and sanitation. All tattoo shops follow this practice, often breaking the needle in front of the customers view.

Tattoo Kits

tattoo kitsBecoming a tattoo artist does not follow the same career path of most careers.

For a standard kit costing in the range of $150 to $200 US, you will receive the following items: the tattoo machine (also called a tattoo gun) and an accompanying power supply, tattoo needles (both “shader” and “liner” needles, and many of each), a collection of tattoo ink (both color and black ink), and many small but necessary supplies, such as wrap coils for the gun, stainless steel tips and disposable plastic tips (for the needles), synthetic skin to practice on, along with gloves, grips, ink cups, and rubber bands.

Putting it all together, the tattooing kit truly offers an all in one solution for an aspiring student.

So you feel you have what it takes to be a tattoo artist and now you want to find the best tattoo kits to match your skills. There are some basic components to perfect tattoo kits. Any perfect tattoo kits should also include enough colors of ink to do a variety of different projects, and have enough ink to actually be enough to finish one or two color designs. A tattoo kit should also come with some practice material so you can get used to handling the gun before using it on a person.

Tattoo Kits

The costs for complete tattoo kits really depend on what is included with the product. You can find many basic kits that will work perfectly and within your budget. While the perfect tattoo kits should have all of these things, there are other components to consider as well. You can pick up many good starter tattoo kits for around $200. This price includes a quality gun and everything a beginner needs.

Tattoo Kits

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