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Added : 1st August 2011
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Home > Tattoo Designs > Tattoo Removal Or Tattoo Cover Ups – What’s Better?

Description About Tattoo Removal Or Tattoo Cover Ups – What’s Better?


Tattoo – According to a 2006 Fox News poll, 24% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 15 have one or more tattoos. This is quite a big number, and displays the success that tattoo culture has made with infiltrating mainstream America and becoming not a crazy fad, but a cultural norm. On the flipside of this equation though is an ironic twist – there’s a lot of people with ink who regret their tattoo and would like to see it gone!

Luckily, people who have had a change of heart about their tattoo art DO have options when it comes to getting rid of it. Most people consider only the arena of straight forward tattoo removal, but there’s also something else to consider; getting the tattoo covered up with another tattoo.

Now, if your objection in general is to ink as a whole, then obviously the first option is for you. That tattoo needs removing, and you have a handful of ways of making this happen. The most popular method is known as laser removal. It is not cheap, but it IS highly effective. This technique works by aiming a laser directly at the offending tattoo, which causes the ink itself to then heat up, expand, and break down. Repeated treatments of this will remove the tattoo, and then your life will go on, as if that whole episode never happened! Another method involves dermabrasion, which, if you’re familiar with this term, it is as bad as it sounds; dermabrasion means, quite literally, a sanding of the surface of the skin. This method generally leaves a scar and not only that, it doesn’t work well unless the ink is close to the skin already.

A step below this method is surgical excision, which means the tattoo is surgically removed! This always leaves a scar. While it sounds nearly unthinkable to most, if you have a small ugly little tattoo hiding somewhere on the body in a spot that, well, maybe you don’t care so much anymore, then a small scar might not bother you really. A better, yet more expensive method, is rejuvi cream injections. The process is quite similar to getting a tattoo except that it results in the opposite. A cheaper, do it yourself method is to purchase tattoo removal and fade kits, which are sold as over the counter creams and lotions, and promise to remove or fade your tattoo away with repeated treatments.


These options above are the tried and true methods for removing a tattoo. But what about something a bit more exciting – getting it covered up?

This is an excellent option if your objection isn’t ink but just a dumb or otherwise regrettable piece of work inked into your flesh. If you consider that treatments of laser surgery are in the hundreds of dollars, and it can take repeated treatments to remove the tattoo, couldn’t that money be better spent on just getting a new, awesome tattoo in its place?

In the end, its all up to you of course, but I wanted to put this out there as I don’t think too many folks consider this as part of their options, instead most just look at removal methods and never realize they can probably get a great coverup and spend the same amount of money.

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