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Description About Tattoo Cover Up

Tattoo Cover Up

Tattoo Cover Up

Tattoo is a permanent mark on the body for life. However, it can be removed by laser and often it can be changed or Tattoo Cover Up, but not always!

Tattoo can be covered if it is old and faded. Fresh tattoo ink is too strong to be covered with colours, so the best option is black. If the tattoo is quite small and you want to cover it with a bigger tattoo- then there is no problem. The only thing you need to do is to find a right artist, one who enjoys doing cover ups and has a portfolio with lots of them in it. You may go to the nearest or cheapest shop, they will say that they will do it for you and it will be cheap. But you know what happens next, don’t you? You end up having a bigger tattoo to worry about that is not easy to Tattoo Cover Up anymore! Best Tattoo Cover Up advice I can give you: Find somebody who knows what they are doing and follow his advice!

A tattoo is OK to cover with color if the image is faded and is at least 8-10 years old. Fresh tattoo ink can be covered with black over it only. If somebody tells you that they can cover black with red- beware!

The colors that work best as a Tattoo Cover Up are blues and browns, not reds, oranges or yellows…

The new tattoo will always be bigger than old one. Otherwise the corners would be sticking out or you would end up with black square. I doubt that this is what you want! A good sign of a successful cover up is when no one can tell that it is a cover up at all. If you see some lines showing through or corners sticking out- you will know that something was underneath and other people will notice that too! And you will still get asked “what was there?” A good Tattoo Cover Up looks as though there was nothing there before.

If you choose your tattoo wisely you will not need to worry about Tattoo Cover Up. Do not get something that in the future you may want to change. Girlfriends/ Boyfriends and Husbands/ Wives names are the biggest danger if it’s even in Chinese or Arabic. The ex is gone and the name stays! How many times have you seen that? There are no guaranties in life what concern your love life. Another thing to avoid is fashion! Notice what the most popular tattoo is and do not get it. What was popular ten years ago looks silly now. So will this year’s too sooner or later. Good idea is to ask your tattooist for information on what is the most popular. (I tell you one word- “stars”).

Tattoo Cover Up

The main tattoo cover up advice I can give you is this: choose what you want to get and find a person who is good at covering up tattoos. They will be honest with you and tell you what works and what doesn’t. If there are no cover ups in the artist’s portfolio it is better to find somebody else who does have pictures of successful work rather than being a canvas for experiments. Remember, your ideas may not work so be open for suggestions. The most important thing here is to get the mess sorted and replaced with something that you will enjoy. Do not think that you old tattoo can be covered with anything just as long as it is covered! It has got to be something that you like. You will have to live with it.

In some cases tattoos can not be covered and laser treatment is the only option. It is well worth to go for a few sessions and make your tattoo fade until it can be covered with anew one. In the end you will be happy with the result!

So you have the coolest tattoos and the last thing you want to do is cover them up. Believe me, I know! Unfortunately, you have one of those jobs that requires you to hide your tattoos. Now maybe you don’t love your job, but the paycheck is kind of nice or maybe you really dig your job and you just play along when you have to. So, what do you do?

Depending on the size and location of your tattoo, you might be able to get away with a bandaid. But you know most people don’t usually stop at one tattoo or their tattoo is larger than a postage stamp. I will assume your tattoo needs more than a bandaid. Besides, bandaids can get pretty irritating to the skin when you have to wear them all of the time.

Your first option is an Ace bandage or maybe even a sock you made into a sleeve cover up. There are all kinds of creative ways to cover a tattoo! Ace bandages make you look like you are injured and may get you some unwanted attention. Someone may ask you “Do you need help carrying that?”. If you would rather not have that kind of attention, you may want to try something else. Ace bandages and “socks” don’t necessarily hold up well to multiple washing and may not look so nice after a short time.

Your next option is makeup (concealer). There are various types of makeup cover ups out there. Some of them can be effective depending on your tattoo (color, size of tattoo, etc.). Some of the drawbacks are it is messy, very time consuming and it may not hold up well if you are active. The makeup will come off pretty easy, which defeats the purpose. You guys out there may not be too excited to use makeup anyway!

You could always wear long sleeves all of the time. I know that option isn’t the best on a hot day. Besides, it cuts down on what you can wear to work. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wear short sleeves even though you have a half or full sleeve tattoo?

So, what options are left? Well, if you don’t like your tattoo or you think all of the other options are just not worth it anymore, you might be thinking about tattoo removal. Tattoo Cover Up can be very expensive and not very effective. There are many people who have not been happy with the result. It just may not be worth the pain or scarring.

Tattoo Cover Up

In the past, I would have had to end the article, because there were no other options. Not anymore! The Ink Armor Tattoo Cover Up Sleeves might be just what you are looking for. They are available in several colors and sizes. Men and women will be able to find a size that works for them. How great would it be for you to be able to just pull on a sleeve? No fuss or muss! Your tattoo is covered, so your boss will be happy. Maybe it could help you get a new job or promotion! The sleeves are made to be comfortable even on a hot day. Ink Armor Tattoo Cover Up Sleeves are just one more option to consider when you have to cover up your art.

So you’ve got a wedding coming up or you’re interviewing for a new job and need a good solution for tattoo cover up.  There are many different ideas to conceal tattoos today, here are the best methods.

You probably never thought when you got that tattoo that there would come a day of reckoning, a time when you wished you didn’t have it because of a special event coming up in your life.  Perhaps you absolutely love your tattoo and don’t want to permanently remove it, but just don’t want it to be seen at your job or say you just found out that bridesmaid dress you have to wear in a few weeks is more revealing than you expected.

The reasons for wanting to hide, on a temporary basis, a loved tattoo are many, just as the solutions are many.  Most of the tattoo concealment solutions involve special makeup.

Before we get into the different tattoo makeup products-here is a slightly different solution if you are looking to temporarily hide a tattoo on your arm.  A company called tatjacket makes a product that works like a latex sleeve that can be worn over the arm.  It can be cut and custom fitted to just about any size arm.  It currently comes in black or flesh tone.  It is said to be cool, lightweight, flexible and breathable.

The tat jacket product seems more designed for law enforcement, firemen or military people who need to cover up their sleeve tattoo.

Maybe you have a tattoo that just become wrong, moving forward, like featuring the name of a former lover.  You can have a tattoo artist put a new tattoo over it or possibly change the words.

Johnny Depp had a tattoo with the name of his, at that time girl friend, Winona Ryder.  When they broke up he had a tattoo artist remove the letters n and a, at the end of the name. It resulting in a tattoo that now reads Wino Forever!

If these two ideas don’t work the next best solution is to use a special make up designed for tattoo cover up.

Pay careful attention when looking for the best make up products for hiding tattoos.  The best Tattoo Cover Up products are designed so that they won’t smudge easily and are formulated to last for many hours without fading before the event is over.  They also should come in a variety of different shades so the look will match your skin color as close as possible.

One of the best products we have come across comes from a company that is used by professional theatre makeup artists.  These make up products for concealing tattoos are specially formulated to be highly pigmented for lasting and seamless coverage.  They come in a variety of colors so that you can achieve a near perfect blend.  They come as a three part system to last a long time and not easily smudge.

We have come across other tattoo cover up makeup products but they don’t seem to compare to this product which is used by theatre professionals and makeup artists all over the world.

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